Sunday, June 25, 2017
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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design uses visual communication to represent ideas and artistically convey a specific message to a target audience. Graphic design uses elements of typography, page layout, logo creation, color schemes and illustration to create eye catching designs that often must present a brand identity in a clear, cohesive way.
Graphic design is a necessary element in creating a recognizable brand as a part of a larger, focused business identity. For example, an effective logo should be memorable, simple and clear.
At Good Apollo, we create professional, memorable logos from vector graphics. This means your logo can be resized and manipulated for a variety of needs without distortion. We also use a base of three colors with varying opacity, giving the impression of a wide range of colors, while allowing the logo to be cost effective when printed and lets your logo blend with other schemes without creating cheap-looking color clashes.
Good Apollo Design Studio offers the following in graphic design:
Creation of professional logos
Complete branding packages
Creation of e-newsletters – sending out newsletters and special offers through email to existing and potential customers is an excellent way to gain new customers and keeps past customers from forgetting about you.

We Are

Our mission at Good Apollo Design Studio is to rid the galaxy of inferior websites by providing our customers with professional, tailor-made design packages that result in a successful online presence that remains a true reflection of their real world identity. We maintain offices in Flagstaff, Arizona and Kansas City, Missouri, but provide web design services nationally.

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