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Web Development & Design

Web design is a broad term that covers the wide variety of aspects involved in the creation of websites. Websites are comprised of pages that communicate information to people surfing the internet and provide markup languages for browsers to properly display this information. A good website is designed so that it is visually appealing, easy to navigate and presents content in an organized fashion.
Web designers must find ways to present information that is both easy for the target audience to navigate and visually appealing. A specific design outlook is necessary because people view websites in a very different way than other types of media – people scan for content much differently than traditional print media and have to be able to be able to interact with your website efficiently.
However, the other half of web design is quite technical as designers must be able to manipulate the primary structure of web pages by using markup languages like HTML or Javascript, for example. Just one of the common problems web designers encounter is editing the markup language so that the information appears in a correctly on any browser.
Good Apollo offers the following in web design:
·         Premium website design with built-in SEO
·         Social Network design
·         Creation of backgrounds and pages
·         Maintenance of websites and social network accounts

We Are

Our mission at Good Apollo Design Studio is to rid the galaxy of inferior websites by providing our customers with professional, tailor-made design packages that result in a successful online presence that remains a true reflection of their real world identity. We maintain offices in Flagstaff, Arizona and Kansas City, Missouri, but provide web design services nationally.

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